I ordered a refurbished AKAI 42' TV from OVERSTOCK.com, Plus a 2 year PLANTIUM PROTECTION WARRANTY. I purchased this TV on Febuaury 5,2008, there saying the 6th.

My TV just cut off one day that day was May 6, 2008. I of course contacted them on that date the 6th not the 5th. They are basically saying that the manufactuer should be taking care of this.OK the sent my so called warranty to a service station near me so they can take care of it.Now its May 9th and every time I speak to the service people they say they have not sent the proper in info meaning there not trying to onner there warranty instead trying to pass me on to AKAI which the service station say that company was sold plus they wouldn't onner this anyway. i paid close to $700 bucks for this and i cant even watch it.

Please someone let me know what i can do cause OVERSTOCK.com will not help all they keep doing is wasting my time, plus the service station basically saying he think there scamming me. Kayreenthompson@yahoo.com

Monetary Loss: $609.

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